Why your Phone Needs an Anti Virus

The antivirus has always been associated with computers. This is slowly changing as the computer is also changing- it is becoming thinner and smaller. The smart phone is a miniature computer as most of the functions of the computer are slowly but surely being replicated in the smart phone. It is a form of palm held computer, some with features much superior to the average computer. This also means that the anti-virus is also to be used in the phone as the same way the functions of a computer can be easily accessed and performed on a hand held device and specifically the phone, the virus can also be unleashed on the phone with the same if not worse impact on the phone. It goes without saying that the phones also need an anti-virus. Among the antivirus custom made for the phone include mcAfee and VGA. There are so many reasons why they are important.

The antivirus protects the phone against the effects of malicious ware and programs out to damage its software and which may even affect the hardware if not dealt with. Many phones are rendered useless by some virus which may very easily affect it. This is because the phone is consistently being used to access the internet, the mails and all avenues that are available to malicious people. An anti- virus will protect the phone and give us peace of mind while using it on the internet. We can access the social media sites without any fear of viruses attacking our gadgets.

The phone does so much these days. Through it, we get access to our money in the banks, pay for things online, verify information and even pay for fare by swiping. This means that many of our personal data is stored on the phone. A malicious person may want to access this data for his own use or reasons. An anti-virus protects our data stored in the phone. This is done in a number of ways. First, it makes it hard for any suspicious program or material to access the phone. It even alerts the user of risky sites and programs that they may be accessing while surfing. Again, should one lose the phone, the antivirus installed can be used to erase or make the personal data unavailable to any other person. The lost phone will be restored to the factory settings thus the data may not be available to any other person besides the real ‘owner’. This is done remotely from another device through some keys. This way, one is still in charge of his personal information even when the phone is not close by.

The anti-virus can also be used as an anti theft device. It enables the phone in which it is installed to be remotely made to sound a very high pitched alarm to pinpoint where it really is. Also, there is an option given of locking it so that even if somebody else acquires the stolen handset it will not be of any use. Only the real buyer can unlock it with a special code that they set while installing the antivirus. These will be done from a laptop, computer or any device that can access the internet. The phone can also be tracked easily. The anti-virus installed can make the trackers be accurate to some feet away from the device. Some devices are even enabled to send an email to a designated device when the phone is switched on. This makes tracking even easier. The stolen phone can also take a photo of the person with it even if it is switched off and then send it to the email. All this is done by an antivirus, the reason as to why we all need it and soonest possible.